Monday, January 17, 2011

Dear Oracle Java team

Deal Oracle / Java team,

I am happy you keep popping up Java updates on my computer. All the hard work you put in fixing all this issues and security holes in the Java runtime is appreciated.

I know you have been very busy lately, but have you heard about modern Operating systems like Vista and 7 where you do not have to log on as administrator to apply updates?

If you have heard about them, I am sure you can find time a few moments and make sure Java updater works from non-administrative account using the User Account Control.

The least you can do is to change you fabulous error message that says "Error: Failed to download required installation files", which may be technically right, but does not help a bit, with something more like "Java updates only work when you are logged on as administratior, sorry about the inconvenience" for example.

There are about 1,8 million complains about that when you Google (for you busy folks at Oracle, Google is a web site many people use for searching the web).

Thanks again for your hard work.

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